Thank you to all the residents of Depot Street who volunteered to water, care for and defend the new flower boxes installed on the Depot Street Bridge.  It does take a village of kind citizens to make it better!

 The most amazing garden art and one of a kind birdhouses and feeders

will be for sale

Saturday June 26 from noon to 5pm

Svec Memorial Park, Proctorsville

Sponsored by Cavendish Streetscapes.

To see more items look us up on Facebook or visit People's Bank in Ludlow.

Click here to watch the Julia's presentation at our first virtual town meeting.

She thanks our many supporters, shares some accomplishments and asks for your continued support and participation. 


Birds and Blooms is coming, June 26!

Streetscapes keeps busy, even in winter, planning events and decorating the gazebo.  And yes, thinking of spring planting!

Streetscapes sends thanks to both our fire departments, Cavendish and Proctorsville for their able assistance in installing and retrieving flags on the utility poles.  We literally would not see a flag

flying without their help!

By the way, if you find a damaged flag, please give it to the Cavendish Library for safe keeping.