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Gift Shop

We have some beautiful gifts displayed at

Crow's Bakery and Opera Cafe in Proctorsville, VT. 

If you would like to buy any of them, please visit them at:

73 Depot Street

Proctorsville, VT

The map shows the location.

Each purchase helps support CCCA. These gifts are ideal for any occasion and are sure to make the recipient happy. 


Check out a few pictures of our gift items below!

The Beauty of Cavendish Note Cards

by Hans Schrag Winston Churchill

Lovely and suitable for framing

1 card - $3.50

Pack of 4 cards - $12.00

Beaded Bands

1 band - $1.00

2 strands - $3.00

3 strands - $5.00

Framed Photos

All photos are from Cavendish Community Calendars.

$45.00 each

"Barns of Cavendish" Posters

Poster - $8.00

Framed poster - $18.00

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