Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes help get you moving!    The ebikes have made it easier to tour around on a nice day or zip down to. Singletons or visit friends.  Other Cavendish residents have Ebikes now too.  
Watch for them around town. 
To learn more, follow this presentation from a fellow Vermonter and check back for more E bike presentations from the Cavendish Energy Committee.
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 Check out this link to see a profile of local commuter Jen Leak and the  many options available from gazelle bikes. hello@gazellebikes.com


Electric bikes are proving to be efficient, easy to use and affordable means of transport, even in rural Vermont.  Local riders will show their bikes and share their experiences of selecting, purchasing and maintaining their new bikes. 

The BASICS of backyard composting:  

1.  Always use 3 portions of BROWN material to 1 portion of GREEN.  To get a compost "cooking" and not slimy or stinky, use BROWN plant material (dead plants, shredded paper, shredded fall leaves etc) to cover a much small layer of 

GREEN (the left over vegetables from your table).


2.  Plants only....or plant based material like newspaper.  Keep meat scraps in a bag in your freezer before taking them 

 to the transfer station.  Meat attracts animals.


3.Keep. bears back by keeping your compost "hot" (no smell) and hang strips of ammonia soaked rags on your compost bin. 

Cavendish Energy Committee – 2021 Report

The Cavendish Energy Committee’s mission is to promote energy conservation at the individual, business and government levels in Cavendish in order to efficiently address ecosystem degeneration while protecting taxpayer resources. The Committee, after thorough research, recommends actions to the municipality that are sustainable, energy efficient, and economically sensible. The Committee engages and educates the Cavendish community on energy efficiency through outreach and the establishment of projects and activities. The Committee partners with other Cavendish groups and with surrounding town energy committees to seek wider solutions to common problems, and to share practices and successes.

The year 2021 ended on a more positive note than on which it began. In other respects, the year ended gloomier than ever. With the pandemic in full force, the introduction of a vaccine provided abundant hope. But our climate is deteriorating at a faster rate, making climate action a greater priority.  The committee did less than in past years in the way of outreach because of the pandemic, but we ran two workshops for the public. We hosted a composting presentation in which a representative of the Windham/Windsor Solid Waste district covered both the mechanics and objectives of composting and the legal environment under state law. An earlier composting presentation by this committee can be viewed at https://okemovalley.tv/composting-workshop-cavendish. The second workshop presented on electric bicycles, or e-bikes. The committee contacted five local e-bike owners and asked each of them to describe their experiences and to demonstrate their bikes. The outdoor event was open to all area residents and was well attended.

The committee finally saw the two-car electric vehicle charging station installed alongside the Svec Memorial Green in Proctorsville activated. Usage increased substantially as word spread. Installation cost the taxpayers almost nothing since the Energy Committee secured grant funding from the Vermont AOT. The committee is now looking for a second location to expand the availability of charging in town.

The committee continues to work with the Planning Commission to create an Energy chapter for the town plan. The usual regional meetings to learn what other towns are doing in the Upper Valley continued on a limited basis, all on line. There is considerable push from all towns to develop and implement energy solutions on a regional basis and Cavendish is fully supportive of such efforts.

Cavendish’s town solar array continued producing electricity and the committee continued analyzing power distribution and KWH savings to better balance power distribution to maximize the town’s best use. In the 12 months ended June 30, 2021 the solar panels produced 167,778 KWH, which converts to $38,371 savings. That’s 76% of the town’s electric cost. 2021 Also saw increased use of the town operated composting facility at the transfer station. Any residents who don’t compost at home can make use of this facility. For more information, just ask at the transfer station.

If you have particular energy saving questions or ideas, please pass them along to a committee member. If you have an interest in energy related issues and are willing to help, please contact the Town Office staff, or call Peter LaBelle at 802-226-7250 or Mary Ormrod at 802-226-7783.  We can always use more ideas from more members.

                Energy Committee Members:  Brendan McNamara, Town Energy Coordinator; Peter LaBelle, Committee Chair; Mary Ormrod; Stephen Plunkard; Karen Wilson; Diane McNamara.