The Cavendish Energy Committee’s mission is to promote energy conservation at the individual, business and government levels in Cavendish in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to save costs. The Committee, after thorough research, recommends actions to the municipality that are sustainable, energy efficient, and economically sensible. The Committee engages and educates the Cavendish community on energy efficiency through outreach and the establishment of projects and activities. The Committee partners with surrounding town energy committees to seek regional solutions to common problems, and to share practices and successes.

The year 2019 saw a terrific opportunity for Cavendish to help reduce carbon emissions by promoting electric vehicles in Proctorsville village. The Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development offered grants to towns willing to install electric vehicle charging stations for community use. Cavendish won a grant for $16,000 to install two charging stations alongside the Svec Memorial Green on Depot Street in Proctorsville. The stations will offer free charging for the first year. Work on the site will begin in 2020 with installation complete hopefully in the summer.

The committee also runs workshops on a variety of energy related themes. In 2019 the committee partnered with the Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management District to host a workshop specifically about composting. Participants were able to purchase composting bins at a deep discount and learned how to best create compost and comply with state law.

We continue to work with the Planning Commission to create an Energy chapter for the town plan to be adopted after the mandatory five-year review and rewrite. Committee members also attended regional meetings to learn what other towns are doing in the Upper Valley. There is considerable push from all towns to develop and implement energy solutions on a regional basis and Cavendish is fully supportive of such efforts.

Cavendish’s town solar array continued producing electricity and the committee continued analyzing power distribution and KWH savings by better balancing the power distribution so that the town can best use the power generated.

If you have particular energy saving questions or ideas, please pass them along to a committee member. If you have an interest in energy related issues and are willing to help, please contact Peter LaBelle at 802-226-7250 or Mary Ormrod at 802-226-7783. We can always use more ideas from more members.

Energy Committee Members: Brendan McNamara, Town Energy Coordinator; Peter LaBelle, Committee Chair; Mary Ormrod; Cheryl Leiner; Karen Wilson.

Cavendish Energy Committee

2019 Annual Report