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       The Cavendish Energy Committee meets the second Wed. of every month

at the Cavendish Town Office and welcomes new members.

Call Chairperson Peter LaBelle 1 802 226 7250 for information.










The Planning Commission invites the public to a meeting Dec. 11 at. 6:00 pm at the Cavendish Town OffficeThe plan can be reviewed at the town's website, 

Battery-Powered Yard Tools

See and hold a display of tools, from weed whackers to chainsaws to lawn mowers and

hear an expert's evaluation.  Learn about maintenance, reliability and state subsidies.

Monday, June 5 at the Cavendish Town Office, 6 pm.

Solar Energy

The Cavendish Municipal Solar Array located adjacent to the Town Transfer Station, is 148Kw, and tied to the net metering system of Green Mountain Power.  It offsets the electricity costs of the Cavendish Town Office, Town Garage and Sewage and Water Treatment systems.

Follow this link to learn more about adding solar to your home or business.

Composting & Recycling

While the market for recyclable goods, including paper, glass, plastics, electronics, tires, scrap building materials, is sometimes unpredictable, we encourage everyone to take the first step of reducing consumption, the second step of reusing or repurposing and the third step of recycling at the transfer station.

Follow the links to learn more about how to compost at home.

Transfer Station

Use is limited to Cavendish residents with an identifying sticker on their vehicle and appropriate tickets (available at the Town Office and Singleton's Store).  


Follow the link for hours of operation and descriptions of how to sort your trash, zero-sort items and food scraps.


If saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, or feeling like a kid again, are your jam, consider an E-bike.  Cavendish has endless back roads for safe bicycling, year round,

if you have the right tires and gear.

 "Getting Around: Love Your Bike or E-Bike, Even in Cold Weather."

Electric Cars

Along the east side of Proctorsville Green is a Level 2 charging station.  The Energy Committee and Town of Cavendish hope to have more.

Follow this link for more information about rebates and tax incentives

to support the purchase of electric cars, trucks and bicycles. offers a comprehensive listing of state rebates for all electric, hybrids, electric bicycles, new and used, purchased or leased.



Be more comfortable and save money by tightening leaks and adding insulation.    From free DIY kits, rebates and  loans, to  better wood stoves, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, various programs subsidize improvements.,can%20participate%20in%20the%20program.


Cavendish Energy Reports

Every year an overview is included in the town report.  

Follow this link to the town website.

Soil Saver Composter2.jpg
Proctorsville EV Charger.jpg

Energy Committee annual 2023 report

You can download the Energy Report by pressing the DOCX button here.

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