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Photographs selected for the 2024 Calendar

The Cavendish Community and Conservation

Association has produced an annual calendar for over 20 years 

featuring photographs of our township with it's wildlife, open and

forested landscapes, villages and historic attributes.

If you have a photo you would like

to submit relating to buildings and structures that was taken in

Cavendish, and you are a resident full or part time, there are several ways to submit it to the CCCA. You can use snail mail by sending it to P.O. Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142, or you can drop it off at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library. Or, you can email it as an attachment to 

Submission deadline is April 1 2024 All photos must be in landscape format. Please include your name and contact information and a general location where photo was taken. Print photos should be on 8"x 10" non-glossy paper, digital photos should be a minimum of 3MB. All photos become property of the CCCA upon submission. All pictures received will be considered for publication. Actual photos may not be returned and all photos may be used in products created by the CCCA. For more info, please call Robin at 802-2592327 or email

submit your photo of a barn, an historic building or structure (stone walls count!) or a building you see as beautiful in it's environs for the 2025 Calendar

Tracy Mckee - cover photo
Andrei Solzhenitsyn - January
Roy Chow - February
Shirley Clark - March
Peter Labelle - April
Martha Mott - May
Julie Buckner - June
Sara Stowell - July
Joe Marini - Agust
Norm Walton - September
Hans Schrag - October
Kelly Gadouas - November
Tim O'Donoghue - December


Knapp Pond by Tracy Mckee

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sweetness ermonock.jpeg
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