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Community Calendar

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 Honey bee photo in 2022 calendar

The Cavendish Community and Conservation

Association has produced an annual calendar

for twenty five years showcasing some aspect

of rural Cavendish life. Pictures are not only taken 

by professionals, they are taken by your friends 

and neighbors of Cavendish and Proctorsville.

The 2023 Calendar is in the works and you can


The theme for 2023 is Wildlife in Cavendish.

If you have a photo you would like

to submit relating to animals that was taken in

Cavendish, and your are a resident full or part time, there are several ways to submit it to the CCCA. You can use snail mail by sending it to P.O. Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142, or you can drop it off at Crows bakery on Depot ST. in Proctorsville. Or, you can email it as an attachment to 

Submission deadline is March 1 2022. All photos must be in landscape format. Please include your name and contact information and a general location where photo was taken. Print photos should be on 8"x 10" non-glossy paper, digital photos should be a minimum of 3MB. All photos become property of the CCCA upon submission. All pictures received will be considered for publication. Actual photos may not be returned and all photos may be used in products created by the CCCA. For more info, please call Robin at 802-2267736 or email

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submit your photo of a wild animal (deer, bear, fox etc.) for the 2023 Calendar
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