2015 Photos
"Snowy Dog"
by Amanda Gross
"King of The Hill"
by Tim O'Donoghue
"Midmorning Winter"
by Katie Hamlin
"Where's the Bug?"
by Ellen Parrish
Community Calendar

Cavendish Calendar Looking for Sponsors 


The Cavendish Community and Conservation Association produces a calendar each year that celebrates some aspect of life in Cavendish. Community members take pictures and the twelve best are selected to grace the pages. The calendars sell to the community in time for the holidays each year. The 2016 calendar will be in production this summer and the organization is looking for sponsors. Sponsors can be businesses, or individuals can sponsor a page in honor of a group, an organization or a special person.


The 2016 calendar will be the eleventh annual calendar. “Each year we begin to sell the calendars around the greater Cavendish area in November, but need sponsors to sign up in the spring,” said Robin Timko, President of the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association. “We always have room for more sponsors. The money raised helps us produce a number of programs and events, including our nature talks and summer concerts.”


Sponsorship is $120 for a month or $65 for a shared month. Sponsors name and logo are prominently shown on the page. To sponsor a month, or for more information about the CCCA organization, please call Robin at 226-7736.

2015 Calendar Contest

                 Every spring the CCCA holds its Cavendish Calendar Photo contest. 

Residents (including second home owners) from Cavendish and Proctorsville vie to have their photographs published in the next year’s calendar.  So this spring some thirty-six contestants submitted pictures that were then displayed for townsfolk to vote on.  For the first few days the photos were displayed at the elementary school in Proctorsville, then they spent some time in the Cavendish Fletcher Library and then went to Crow’s Bakery on Depot Street.  While the general public was given the opportunity to vote, a panel of judges reviewed all submissions and determined winners in three age categories.  Those winners have been selected and are announced below.

                 Bumbleweed by Mary Alice Churchill  

                 Winter Morning by Noelle Gignoux

Where’s the Bug? by Ellen Parrish

The winning photos are included in the Spring/Summer Newsletter.